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Move among the stars.

You know they really aren't so far.

Hello, world.

I come highly recommended by several users:

shoshoshonen: "One of the elite few..."
duia: "Hello, you just won EVERYTHING."
trashbag_helmet: "You are one hoopy frood!"
asilvertear: "So you admit to the child molestation!"
tokyoghoststory: "you sure know how to make a girl blush."
stop256: "ha ha, youre old and symetrical."
tewibewi: "that's awesome!!! ::starts cult:: ...add me now!"
rosencrantz: "Wow, kicking the ass of anything I've managed to do in paint so far."
ziekrage: "You are my hero!"
fallingxslowly: "I've only met you once, but you're awsome."
dietsnark: "OH NO TOO SEXY"
different4u: "Did I ever tell you your my favorite person at publix.? Well, you are! No im lying..."
fallingxslowly: "Everyone- Anthony is wonderful. Worship him."
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